Five DON’Ts for Twitter marketers

Twitter can be an amazing tool for marketers if used properly. Used poorly, however, there’s not much to be gained from it. Here is a list of five DON’Ts for Twitter.

1. DON’T spam your followers with ads. If all they get from you are various offers, they’ll unfollow you in a heartbeat. This includes retweets from sites like “Traffup” which claim to increase your userbase when in fact this particular method will have the opposite effect.

2. DON’T mass follow people just to get new followers yourself. True, there are studies indicating that Twitter has a 30% follow back ratio, but do you really want random people following you? How are you going to market your products and maximize your sales if there are no synergies between your followers?

3. DON’T send the same tweets over and over again. If you have a good offer that you like, don’t forget to mix it up. Seeing the same tweet over and over again is not going to increase someone’s willingness to take action. Think TV commercials – are you more interested in a product after you’ve seen that one commercial once every break during the latest episode of Big Bang Theory?

4. DON’T forget your niche. If you’re truly dedicated to a certain niche, stick to it and don’t “wander off” too often. Sure, every now and then you can talk about whatever you want, but if you want to keep a good relationship with your followers, stick to the topic.

5. DON’T stop tweeting. While few Twitter-followers actually stop following someone for not tweeting, you’re in this game to get more followers and increase your user base and other than hoping for follow backs from people you’ve followed, the best way to get new followers is to write good content.