Current projects

Current projects

While this blog is not supposed to be a case study blog, I don’t mind sharing some of my internet marketing projects with you guys.

First off, I’m working on an application for Twitter. This is more of a tool than an actual moneymaker, but if it works well for me, I might put it up for sale here. It’s a TweetAdder “lite”, an app that lets you find people interested in your niche and gradually follow them. Remember, Twitter has a documented “follow-back” rate of about 30%, so this is a quick and great way to build a relationship on Twitter with people who are interested in your niche!!

My second project is a classic Amazon-affiliate site. I’ve drilled in on a low competition product that’s got some good sales on Amazon and will be creating a niche site with the sole purpose of selling items in this product range. It’s an experiment, and I’m not overly enthusiastic about this site, but I’ve read some good things about sites like these. There seems to be quite a big hit and miss ratio though.

My third project is a site based on content and adsense. The general idea is to build a visitor-heavy site and monetize it by using Adsense. This is done through adding great content that really brings value to the visitor. I’ve already got the content (I will reveal some secrets about writing good content in my newsletter in a few weeks, so be sure to sign up), so this is mostly about bringing in the visitors. This is where Twitter marketing comes in, but also Pinterest and Tumblr. Social Media is still a viable, if not fantastic, way to bring visitors to your site.

My fourth project is another niche site, but with a very interesting market segment that’s got lots of competition. Again it’s about driving people to the site, but also about having them sign up for a mailing list created specifically for this purpose. I will be using some extremely targeted Twitter strategies to develop a good following there to hopefully bring visitors to the site. I might be using some PPC advertising to bring in visitors here as well, as the reward might be worth it. To entice people to come to that site, I will be offering some high value freebies with regards to that particular niche.

That’s what’s in the pipeline for now. If you’re interested in hearing about my progress, drop a line in the comment section.