Hello world!

Hello world!

At first I was going to delete this sample post, but then I thought “What better way to introduce myself than with an ‘Hello World’?”. So here goes.

I’m not going to pronounce my genius as an internet marketer. I’m not going to tell you that I have all your answers on how to get rich in this day and age. I will, however, do my best to gather information I find useful and make sure you guys can come here and find good advice on how to grow your online marketing business (or hobby).

In this blog I will cover many angles of internet marketing – everything from blogging to advertising. I will tell you of my own experiences and I will ask you to tell me of yours.

Now, there are a gazillion blogs like mine out there, but believe me, I will have some unique content and some very good offers coming your way – offers that will help you. For one thing, I’m a software developer as well, and I’m working on a couple of different IM-related projects at the moment. I’ve also got my hands on some excellent material that I will be giving away for free down the road. So keep coming back if this happens to be the only post you see when you come here :).

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